Mini EPS Production Plant

EPS raw materials are used in many different sectors. Increasing the variety of products, usage areas and hence the number of firms produced from EPS increases the need for raw materials. Consumers can obtain this raw material from domestic and foreign production facilities. The increase in demand is causing the raw material prices to increase gradually. Since domestic companies can not meet the required EPS Hammaddesini, consumers have to procure raw materials from abroad. Customs costs are expensive for the consumer when waiting and shipping costs are calculated.
The EPS production facility as raw material is quite costly because it is a large-scale investment. Due to the size of the production capacity, the machines and equipments used are also quite expensive. For this reason, the number of companies producing EPS raw materials in the country has been rather limited.
The Mini EPS Production Plant is a miniaturized production facility that is designed to provide the production of granules as much as the needs of the EPS consumers, especially in the area of ​​less installation and personnel. The plant is specially designed according to the targeted production capacity and can be designed in a structure that allows capacity increase in the future.
You are using EPS raw materials intensively, experiencing delays in production due to difficulties in raw material supply, uncomfortable with the increase in raw material prices, and most importantly if you want to produce the raw materials you need under your own control; The Mini EPS Production Facility will be a profitable investment for you.
Advantages of Having EPS Production Plant
Whether it can produce all or part of the required EPS raw materials,
To save money and time to supply EPS raw materials,
Being able to produce raw material at a cheaper price than the purchased price.
With the current production perspectives, raw material production can also be done.
There is less risk for a standard EPS raw material production plant.
The standardization ratio is much less than the area required.
It is a system that generates investment money in 1-2 years on average, depending on the consumption capacity.
Transport, storage, customs, etc. of EPS raw materials. the most out of expenses.
In the following years, reinforcement production areas can be added to the system as needed and growing.