What does BFM Chemical build?

BFM Chemical offers a turn key Expandable Polystyrene Plant Project. Contract includes responsibility for all jobs written below excluding to find land and civil works.

Consultancy Services

It is very important that a plant is operated correctly. Consulting on any issues that may be needed until the establishment of the facility and providing investors who have no knowledge about EPS production, We provide services like supplying the necessary raw materials, including the appropriate personnel in the operation, training the personnel, storing the manufactured products, selecting the processes

Investment Feasibility

It is not enough that only the financial means of the investment will be mobilized to reach the end. It is necessary to estimate the investment return period by calculating the profitability ratios of the project investment location, the costs, the expenses to be incurred, the team to be established in advance and the analyzes made. For this reason, we support our customers in the light of our experience and experience in the process of setting up the investment feasibility.

Process Design and Engineering Works

Different particle sizes can be obtained in the manufacture of EPS as is known. The particle sizes required differ according to the area used. The creation and application of a suitable prescription for the desired particle size requires knowledge, expertise and most important experience. For this reason, we can develop process and plant designs that are suitable for the desired grain sizes as a result of the necessary engineering works with our experienced and expert team.

Facility Construction

The fact that a facility is planned and installed affects the efficiency of the operation in the course of operating the plant. All the modifications and fittings to be made after the installation of the facility cause difficulties in the following periods. For this reason, laboratories, warehouses, production areas should be planned taking into consideration the progressive growth targets in detail. Our experienced team who can produce professional solutions realizes the installation by making the most suitable plant planning for the conditions determined in the feasibility study.

Testing and Commissioning

Testing and commissioning is the realization of all equipment's pre-energizing field tests in accordance with the procedures, testing of the connections and tanks, bringing the electrical devices into operation and commissioning the system.

In addition, BFM Chemical experienced personnel can be present in the plant for 1 year (or more) until the investor's request, operation and maintenance operators and engineers are fully trained.